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"I thought this book was just for high- schoolers...but within the first five pages I KNEW it was a MUST READ for ME."
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Dethroning the Queen addresses the top ten most common issues that create subtle rivalries between normal, average, everyday, (even Christian) women of every age.  Many readers have been drawn to this book thinking, "I know someone who needs to read this!" Inevitably they come back with a different testimony: "I had no idea it would be for me--and I am forever changed!" Through this candid, transparent, and guided study, many who thought so-called "Queen Bee" characteristics had been long abandoned in high school are realizing the subtle manifestations of these same behaviors in everyday adult life, and are being challenged to embrace true sisterhood.  Discover life-changing truths from God's Word about women's interactions with other women, and find out what so many readers are already raving about! The goal of this book is to get rid of female drama and promote healthy sisterhood in the body of Christ and beyond.  If you want to grow spiritually, this is a MUST-READ for YOU!
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