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Dish Divas!
So you're busy...and your kitchen misses you.  Maybe it doesn't even know you.  We get it.  That's why this is for you.  "Step your game up" with Dish Divas--a realistic, doable, and easy system for incorporating new recipes into a busy routine!
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How to Get Started!
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Day 1: Clean kitchen
Day 2: Buy ingredients
Day 3: Cook!
Alicia's fried chicken
Alicia's homemade lemonade
Getting some collard greens ready!
Alicia's Collard Greens
Alicia's Baked Chicken
Alicia's Homemade Potato Chips! (You can make these in the microwave, try it!)
Alicia's Homemade French Fries! (Using my FryDaddy small countertop deep fryer with a little canola oil)
Alicia's Marinated Baked Salmon
Dish Diva Gallery
Celebrate your accomplishments by snapping a few pics!
Watch Video: Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice!